Business Cases

Business cases are formal documents that present decision makers with an argument and a case for pursuing a certain course of action. They explore all possible approaches to a problem or scenario and allow the business to make the best possible decision about how to proceed. A well-written business case should present management with an in-depth analysis of the situation that prompted the creation of the case, and the impetus for the project being proposed.

Writing a Business Case That Takes Your Career Higher

Our goal at The Write Direction is to help you articulate that problem to management and to create a viable and workable plan for the project. These requirements may include the time, human resources, and labour hours required for its successful completion. In addition, it could include the goals and deadlines for return on investment and the schedule for the completion of the various phases of the project.
We will then help you with identifying and selecting the sources of data that you will need in order to put the case together.
These sources may include, but are not limited to, the following items:
  • Financial statements
  • Case studies
  • Documentation from related or similar projects
  • Industry and marketing analyses and forecasts
  • Studies of consumer behaviour

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We will help you whether you require assistance with an entire business case, or you have a working document that requires revision. It is invaluable to have a second, third, or fourth set of trained eyes to review a business case. We will check its logic, supporting arguments, and information to ensure accuracy. Our writers are able to add not only professional and academic insight into the writing of business cases, but can add value stylistically and technically.
A business case being well received is largely dependent on the following:
  • Knowing how to structure and present information for decision
  • Knowing how to frame and describe a problem or opportunity
  • Knowing how to conduct a convincing and accurate cost benefit analysis
  • Knowing how to make thoughtful and insightful recommendations
These are skills that any student or business needs to understand and master in order to sway management and convince them of the validity of their ideas.

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Before you start your upcoming business case work, it is important to determine whether or not your problem statement follows logically from your analysis of the problem or situation. It should also be clear about the action that should be taken.
Contact us today and let our team of experienced technical writers help you perfect and polish your business case work and ensure that it makes an impact on the employees responsible for making strategic decisions within your company.

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