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Transform Careers with Our Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

At The Write Direction, we understand the importance of standing out and making good impressions. With our specialized Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services, we will craft a tailored professional story that will aid you in leaving a memorable mark on potential employers.

Deep Industry Insight

At The Write Direction, diversity is an advantage that plays to our strength. With vast experience across diverse sectors of our expert writers, we can especially tailor your resume and cover letter to meet any industry standards of your desired role.

Beyond Templates

While free templates that are available online offer structure, our writing services promise uniqueness. Every resume and cover letter we craft is individualized and tailored to showcase your unique journey, accomplishments, and aspirations.

Optimized for ATS Systems

To increase efficiency, many companies are utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen candidates. At The Write Direction, we not only simply write your resume and cover letter but we also optimize them for such platforms to significantly increase the chances of your application reaching human eyes.

Collaborative Approach

While we have expert writers who take care of the technicalities of the resume and cover letter, your input will always be invaluable. We work in collaboration with you and take on board your feedback, insights, and career objectives to ensure that the final documents are a true reflection of your professional self.

Timely Turnaround

Got time-sensitive job applications? No worries. Our team is committed to delivering impeccably written resumes and cover letters within stipulated deadlines without compromising on quality.

Advance with Our Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

Why risk a poorly constructed resume when you could hire professional resume and cover letter writing services to make the best one possible?
In today's competitive labour market, a recruiter sees upto thousands of resumes and cover letters during the hiring process. Your cover letter and resume need to stand out from that pile. It can make or break your chances of getting the job.
Our resume and cover letter writing service is designed to ensure that you receive attention and consideration before everyone else.

Cover Letters

A cover letter is a brief (1 page or less) letter of interest that indicates why you would like and are qualified for the position in question. An effective cover letter:
  • Knows the audience that you are speaking to
  • Uses an explanatory, assertive tone
  • Relates your work experience
  • Relates your academic experience
  • Relates your personal experience
When we write cover letters for our clients, we strive to create something that is not merely a carbon copy of their resume. Instead, we use elements of the resume, including work, personal, academic and volunteer experience, to make connections between your core competencies and talents and the requirements of the job you are applying for.
We also like to recommend that you provide us with the name of the person responsible for recruiting and hiring. Personally addressing a cover letter, instead of using a generic salutation, has been shown to make a big difference in how the letter is received and read.


Many people, despite possessing strong work, academic and life experiences, fail to get jobs because of their resume. This could be because it is either laid out improperly, contains too much or not enough information, or doesn't do a good job of utilizing language to sell one's skills and assets. Our goal is to take your current resume and turn it into an effective sales pitch. That is essentially what a resume is: a chance for you to sell yourself to someone who is interested in the skills and qualities you bring to the table.

At The Write Direction, We Use Data to Craft Your Perfect Job Application

There is a formula to resume writing, but it is certainly not one size fits all. We will go over your work, academic, and personal history to extract the necessary information and tailor it to the position(s) you are interested in. Whether your resume needs revamping, or you would like to rebuild it from the ground up, our writers are able to analyze the job and industry you are applying to and craft your resume into something that will really resonate.
Get in touch with The Write Direction today and let us show you why an investment in professional help with your cover letter and resume is beneficial to your future.

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We deliver service of superior quality at favorable prices.
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We do not use templates or outsource your writing work.
SEO Optimized
We follow industry standard SEO practices and have experience with SEO tools.
Efficient Work
We work efficiently to reduce turnaround time.
Language Skills
Our team consists of writers who perform at mother-tongue level.
The Write Direction is proud of its customer service and support
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Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do your resume and cover letter writing services cater to?
Our team consists of seasoned writers who have a vast array of experience spanning multiple sectors. This means we can tailor content that meets the standards of specific job roles in any industry without a problem!
How do you ensure my resume stands out from the rest?
With a combination of industry insights, client collaboration, and a dedication to authenticity, the resumes and cover letters we craft will genuinely stand out - both in content and presentation.
Do I need a separate cover letter for each job application?
Yes! While your resume may remain largely consistent, a tailored cover letter for each job will be able to address specific job requirements. Not everyone does this so, it will go a long way to significantly boost your chances if your cover letters are custom-tailored.
How do you keep updated with the latest resume trends?
We have a team of lifelong learners who are dedicated to professional development. This allows them to stay attuned to recruitment trends and to seek feedback from industry professionals.
Do you provide LinkedIn profile writing services as well?
Yes, alongside our resume and cover letter services, we can also optimize your LinkedIn profile! Maintaining a cohesive professional brand across all platforms can certainly give you one step ahead of your competitors.
What's the process from consultation to the final draft?
A detailed consultation will first commence before the expert writes the first draft. After we receive your feedback, we will then finalize the documents and ensure that they align with your career goals.

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