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The world of academia has always had a constant demand for insightful research, meticulous detail, and a passion for knowledge. With The Write Direction, our Custom Book Writing Services aid scholars in pioneering academic thought, presenting revolutionary ideas and sculpting masterpieces for scholarly realms.

In-Depth Research & Analysis

Our team consists of professional and seasoned writers, which is why deep research comes second nature to them. To ensure that we deliver premium quality content, we pair meticulous research with insightful analysis to lay the foundation for every case study.

Tailored for Academic Rigor

Each academic discipline has its nuances and the same applies to its case studies. Our seasoned writers are equipped to cater to varied academic domains, ensuring each case study is resonant, relevant, and meets stringent academic standards.

Academic Adaptability

With vast years of experience in writing, it is not unknown to us that every educational institution or publisher may have specific guidelines and nuances. The Write Direction’s prowess in academic writing involves being able to adapt to varied academic environments to ensure that each book meets specific criteria while also upholding universal scholarly standards.

Editing & Peer Review

The Write Direction services are not limited to writing alone. We also offer heavy editing and peer review services to assist authors in refining their books to perfection while seeing to it that the book stands up to academic critique.

Collaborative Feedback Loops

The process of writing an academic book is a journey in itself and having seamless collaboration is critical. We keep our communication channels open and hone our team’s efficiency to achieve a blend of our expertise and your vision.

Secure Expertise with Our Custom Book Writing Services

Custom book writing services offer an opportunity to bring your ideas to life. With the advent of self-publishing, many people are turning to these platforms as an effective alternative to the monopoly of the publishing industry. This is beneficial because it has allowed authors with great ideas for both fiction and nonfiction books to put their ideas and stories out into the world. Many of these authors have received tremendous commercial success and critical acclaim. If you are an author who is seeking to publish your own book, we can help with both writing and editing. Our team at The Write Direction has experienced writers and editors to help you make sure the finished product is polished and well executed.
Our services can be broken down into two components, which you can request either individually, or together.


Our editing services include:
  • Help with revisions
  • Grammar, continuity checks, and spell checking
  • Revision and rework suggestions.
Our editors are meticulous. We pay strong attention to detail and have a good eye and ear for what looks and sounds natural. Whether you need periodic editing throughout the writing process, or a pair of eyes to go over the finished book, our team of experienced copywriters and editors are able to help you make sure that your final product is professional and readable.


Writing is a laborious process. Many authors have described it as akin to giving birth – sometimes over several years. Writer’s block is a common problem. It can put a serious pause in the writing process. Most books are written in sections, sometimes months or years apart, as inspiration ebbs and flows.
Our technical writers are able to work with your existing ideas to create compelling content. We’ll help you work out any kinks throughout the writing process. You don't have to worry about crediting us either, as all of our content is ghostwritten. The ideas are yours, but we understand that authors often need a second or third set of eyes in order to inject new life into their stories.

Our Ghostwriters Will Help Develop Your Final Book

At The Write Direction, our team of writers are there to help you turn your novel or nonfiction book into a reality. Whether you need help with editing, revisions, or creative assistance, we will be there for you. We have articulate, meticulous and hardworking editors and writers on staff to help you with all of your book writing needs. From start to finish,you can trust the experts at The Write Direction to help you get your book off the ground and published.
Contact us today and let us start helping you plan and perfect your book, or novel idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What academic disciplines do your book writing services cater to?
Equipped with a team of seasoned academic writers from a vast array of academic disciplines, we can assist with any writing assistance from humanities to sciences and everything in between. Let us know of the discipline and we can partner you with the best-qualified writer in that respective discipline and tailor our approach.
How do you handle referencing and citations?
Our team’s proficiency in various academic citation styles comes from several years of writing experience. Whether it's APA, MLA, Chicago, AAA, or any other format, we ensure meticulous and accurate citations.
How do you ensure the originality of the book?
We, along with our writers, commit to zero tolerance for plagiarism and 100% authenticity. To guarantee that every book we craft is unique and original, we utilize only the advanced plagiarism-check tools.
What if I need revisions after reviewing the draft?
No problem! We can definitely make revisions and all our clients are qualified to our Free Revisions Policy. Simply send us your feedback and we will make the necessary edits to ensure that the final book aligns with your vision and meets academic excellence.
How do you guarantee the security of my research and ideas?
Academic integrity is the core of our services. Rest assured, all data and discussions are treated with the highest confidentiality and will only be accessed by key members of the team, who are closely involved in the collaboration, to safeguard your intellectual property.

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