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Grant writing services are often overlooked, but the reality is writing grants is a complicated and uncertain process. Academics and researchers applying for grants pour their heart and soul into their work. They require government or private funding to take it to the next level, but end up stalled. Sometimes an academic’s ability to put their innovation and goals into words doesn't meet the requirements of the people responsible for administering funding. However, nothing is more important than securing funding for your project. This is where the help of an experienced grant writer really pays off.
At The Write Direction, our writers include seasoned academics and graduate level students who have extensive experience with the grant writing process. We have been on both the funding and application side of this process, and we know what it takes to make a good impression on trustees.

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Our services include:
  • The identification and analysis of grant opportunities related to your field of study or research and development
  • A needs assessment
  • Modelling of program development and management plans throughout the course of your research
  • Budget design
  • The completion of federal forms and paperwork as required.
Our writers work collaboratively, utilizing their individual areas of expertise, business and academic acumen to secure valuable, long and short-term grant opportunities for our clients.

We Provide a Knowledgeable Background Experience

Our writers come from a diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds. We are able to apply our experience and expertise to the grant writing process to give you a leg up over the competition vying for access to the same funds. We will conduct extensive research into the audience for your particular grant(s), and are able to effectively tailor applications, letters of interest and proposals that truly speak to the people who you are looking to convince.
Government and privately funded research grants are the lifeblood of scientific and industrial evolution. We take great pride in being able to secure our clients important funding for projects and studies that are essential for human, economic, and social progress. Whether you are seeking multiple or individual grants, have never applied, or are attempting to secure funding after a failed attempt, our writers are educated, articulate, and familiar with the grant writing and funding process.

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Contact The Write Direction today and let us start helping you plan and execute your grant application. It pays to have a talented, technical writer to help communicate your aims and goals when important funding for important work hangs in the balance.

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