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At The Write Direction, we do not only strive for excellence in the quality of content we write but also in the relationships we nurture. To spread our gratitude to the businesses we've had the honour of serving, we are excited to introduce our new Refer A Friend campaign.

Why Refer?

Our passion for providing high-quality professional writing services has always been aimed at delivering tailored and impactful narratives that drive results. If our writing has ignited success for your business, imagine the possibilities for others in your network! By sharing your experience and introducing us to your fellow business owners, not only are you helping them transform their content strategy but also availing rewards for yourself.

Maximise Your Savings!

There’s no limit. The more dynamic businesses you refer to, the more savings you accumulate. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a valued and loyal member of The Write Direction family.

So, why wait? Start referring today and let the rewards flow!

Refer Now

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    Refer and Reap

    Rewards for You and Your Referral!


    Introduce “The Write Direction” to a fellow business owner or decision-maker. To officially start the referral process, have them fill out our Contact Us form and remind them to indicate your name or your company name in the “Where did you hear about us?” field.


    Once we receive their inquiry with your name indicated, they will be tagged as your referral and will be emailed with an exclusive discount code. Per the thresholds below, your referral can qualify for either a $100 or $200 discount:

    $800 threshold - referral will receive a $200 discount on their first order

    $300 threshold - referral can receive a $100 discount on their first order


    Once they commission their first project with us within 60 days, you will then be emailed to receive the qualified discount that can be applied to your next project. It’s that easy!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the "Refer A Friend" campaign work?
    When you introduce a fellow business owner or decision-maker and they commission a project with us, both you and your referral will receive either a $100 or a $200 discount on your respective projects.
    Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer to?
    No, there's no limit! The more businesses you refer to, the more savings you accumulate. Each successful referral earns you another discount.
    How do you define a 'successful referral'?
    When a business you've referred to us commissions their first project, this is considered a successful referral. To explain further, once we receive their initial inquiry with your name or your company name mentioned, they are already qualified for a discount. Once their project is confirmed, you will then be emailed of your qualified discount.
    Can I combine multiple referral discounts on a single project?
    No, discounts can only be applied one at a time per project.
    How will I know if my referral has commissioned a project?
    We value transparency and will notify you via email once your referral's project has been confirmed. This email will also include details on how to redeem your discount.
    Does the referred business need to spend a minimum amount for us both to get the discount?
    Yes, the referred business should commission a project that meets either of the two (2) thresholds: $800 threshold - referral will receive a $200 discount on their first order; while $300 threshold - referral can receive a $100 discount on their first order.
    What happens if my referral commissions a project that is less than the threshold?
    Currently, we have two tiers in place to reward you and your referral: For orders valued at $800 and above, both parties will qualify for a $200 discount. For orders between $300 and $799, a $100 discount will be applied to both accounts. At the moment, these are the tiers available, but we are always receptive to our clients’ feedback. We will actively explore ways to offer more reward opportunities on a case-by-case basis, so stay tuned for future updates! Just let us know, and we'll be happy to discuss options with you.
    How long is my referral discount valid?
    Your referral discount is valid for six months from the day of notice.