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Proposals can be a potential partner’s first impression of your business and it’s important to create a positive one, especially for individuals or organizations you want to collaborate with. It has to be crafted clearly while demonstrating professionalism so you can communicate how well you’re in alignment with the party meant to read your proposal.

Competitive Advantage

A competitive advantage is important especially when creating solicited documents. Typically used in business and government, solicited ones are a bidding form for projects or contracts and are up against other bidders hence the need for a competitive advantage that our professional writers can do.

Clarity and Understanding

Getting a professional technical and business writer to create business documents for you means that it is written clearly and well-structured. It is crafted precisely so that both parties understand the objectives, scope, and terms of the partnership and the project which is highly important to reduce misunderstandings.

Client Satisfaction

We take client satisfaction seriously at The Write Direction. We ensure well-executed proposals are delivered on time and according to client instructions. We either meet or exceed the expectations of our clients so they can increase the chances and persuasiveness of your custom-made proposals.

Quality Assurance

The Write Direction is notorious for having rigorous quality control for all the outputs it produces. Our processes ensure that your documents are error-free, organized, and of the highest quality. The best part is that you only have to give us the instructions and we’ll take care of the execution.

Persuasive Writing

Writing business documents should follow a specific technical writing format and be written in a persuasive tone, which we excel at. After consulting with clients, we ensure that we craft compelling narratives and arguments to put your business needs above the rest. Our goal is for the business documents we write to be accepted.

Get Persuasive Proposals Made With The Write Direction

Proposals are the key to making the best first impression on potential clients or customers. In the hyper competitive business environment of the 21st century, writing an articulate, concise, and convincing business document is a skill that may mean sink or swim when it comes to the long-term survival of your business.

Elements of a Good Business Proposal

A good proposal should be able to:
  • Convey the technical background
  • Make recommendations
  • Produce accurate survey results
  • Highlight information on a project’s feasibility
When you write this business document, you are essentially asking your audience to fund, approve, or allow you permission to move forward with the project in question. You need to be able to convince the people reading the document that you have:
  • The qualifications
  • The acumen
  • The experience to succeed

There are 4 main types of proposals we have completed for clients in the past:

1. Internal

These are written to people within your organization, whether it's a business, government agency or nonprofit, who may already have a lot of background information on what it is that you are proposing.

2. External

External proposals require that you present your audience with more information, especially where your qualifications are concerned. We are able to help our clients put into words exactly why they are the right person for a job or project, and we can build an external proposal that highlights your most important attributes.


A professional technical writer can give you a competitive edge on the bidding/proposal process and help you articulate your ideas in a way that makes you stand out above other bidders.

4. Unsolicited

These proposals have not been requested by the person, or people you are writing to. They require an ability to utilize concise, exact, and expository language which keeps your audience interested and reading.

Our Expert Writers Will Make Your Document Stand Out

Writing a quality proposal requires that you know your audience and are able to communicate on their level. Our writers come from diverse academic and professional backgrounds and have a wide range of experience across diverse industries. They are skilled at evaluating and tailoring content to different audiences and can make the difference when it comes to submitting a successful proposal.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your process for creating proposals?
Our process begins with an initial consultation. If you’re interested, you can send us an email with your proposal needs and we will gather all the necessary information from your end to ensure we write exactly what you need. The writer assigned to you does research and drafts a write-up for your review.
How can you ensure that the proposal is in alignment with our goals and objectives?
When we make an initial consultation, we do so to understand your goals better along with your objectives and unique requirements. The proposals are done in collaboration with the client to ensure alignment.
What kind of proposals do you specialize in?
We can create a variety of proposals like business proposals, technical proposals, project proposals, grant proposals, RFP responses, etc.
Can you maintain our confidentiality and secure our sensitive data?
We have continued to maintain the trust of previous and current clients because of how well we maintain their confidentiality. It remains our top priority to do so while also ensuring quality services. We have protocols in place to protect sensitive information throughout the proposal writing process.
What are your policies on revisions?
Because we prioritize client satisfaction, we have a free revisions policy after you receive the first draft. Ultimately, we want you to be happy with our output and we also want the proposal to be successful.

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