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Transcription services are important for so many reasons that you won’t realize until you need them done. This service is so important for court hearings, medical reasons, business meetings, and so much more.

Accuracy and Quality

Professional writers are great transcribers and ours can deliver high-quality transcriptions consistently. Our writers are skilled in handling various accents, languages, and technical jargon so you can expect precision every time.

Cost Efficiency

Training and hiring in-house transcribers are not just a time-consuming process but also expensive. Outsourcing your transcription needs to experts like The Write Direction will be your most cost-effective choice.


At The Write Direction, we are experts at adapting to our clients’ unique needs and workloads. No matter the scale of your project, we can certainly accommodate one-time or ongoing projects.

Confidentiality and Security

As a reputable writing service provider, The Write Direction has mastered securing the sensitive and confidential information of our clients. You can be assured that we have security measures in place just for you.

Specialized Fields Expertise

The Write Direction writers are experts in various industries and fields and we match each client with the most capable writer so no technical errors are made and unique terminologies are transcribed correctly.

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The Importance of a Professional Transcriber

It is often useful to have a professional transcriber on hand to make sure that important, non-written information is taken down. This is important in the future, as this information might be necessary for future projects. In addition, there are legal purposes for transcribing services. A transcripted document will provide a written record of what was said, which can be used as evidence if you encounter any conflicts.
At The Write Direction, our team of technical writers are capable of writing fast and accurate transcriptions for all of the aforementioned services. Information is presented in organized and easy to follow formats. We are also able to provide summary and paraphrasing services if the event, or information, being transcribed is long and only the essence is required.

We Provide a Cost-Effective Solution For Your Transcription Needs

Many companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of transcription services and are hiring in-house writers as full time transcribers. The services provided by professional technical writers on a full-time basis are not cheap. Outsourcing your transcription services to a professional technical writing company, with a wide range of writers from varied academic and professional backgrounds, means that you can hire writers as needed. This helps keep your costs down and ensures that you get someone who is familiar with your industry and its lexicon.
If you think you might need transcription services, get in touch with The Write Direction and let us discuss how hiring a professional technical writer on a job-by-job basis is a cost effective way to acquire high quality transcription services.

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We do not use templates or outsource your writing work.
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We follow industry standard SEO practices and have experience with SEO tools.
Efficient Work
We work efficiently to reduce turnaround time.
Language Skills
Our team consists of writers who perform at mother-tongue level.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical turnaround time for transcription services?
Turnaround times vary based on the length and complexity of the project. We provide an estimated time of delivery.
What audio file formats do you accept?
We can work with a wide range of audio file formats including MP3, WAV, AIFF, and more. We also accept video files.
Do you offer rush transcription services?
For an additional fee, we can definitely work on your rush projects. Let us know of your desired deadline and we can determine the feasibility of the project.
Can you transcribe interviews, focus groups, webinars, and other types of audio content?
Yes, we transcribe various types of content from interviews, focus groups, webinars, podcasts, and more!
Can I receive the transcriptions in different file formats?
We can provide your transcriptions in a variety of formats including Word documents, PDFs, and other text files to meet your preferences.

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