Policy Manuals

Every company requires policies and procedures, usually in the form of policy manuals. They are clearly laid out to employees so that they completely understand them, and that their performance meets regulatory standards. Your company's policy manual is the go-to documentation that outlines how your business functions. Part of this includes the codes of conduct expected of its employees across operational divisions.
Our team of technical writers include people who have exclusively dedicated themselves to putting together informative, concise, and easy-to-read policy manuals. They draft documents that will allow your employees to carry out their jobs per your organization's requirements. Having to constantly train and remind employees what is expected of them is costly and a waste of time.

Why do You Need a Policy Manual?

A policy manual written by an articulate, experienced technical writer will ensure that your employees know what is expected of them. This allows all functions, at both the employee and managerial level, to be carried out according to code. Your company's policy manuals should properly communicate the regulations and functions of your company to investors, employees, creditors, and regulators.
Ask yourself the following questions. If your answers aren’t clear, it might be time to hire a professional technical writer to help you streamline your policy content.
  1. Are your policy and procedures documents easy to understand?
  2. Are objectives and issues clearly identified?
  3. Are the rights and responsibilities of employees and management difficult to discern, or ambiguously stated?
  4. Is the tone of the content consistent throughout?
  5. Does the focus, or general message, drift?
  6. Is the documentation up-to-date?
  7. Do the documents encourage solidarity and a recognizable and translatable organizational culture?

Get Professional Help for the Sake of Your Business

You know your business better than anybody else. But a qualified, experienced, and articulate technical writer will help you put that expertise into words. We’ll help you make sure your policies are readily understood and easily digested by the people important to your company's success.
Contact The Write Direction today and see how hiring a technical writer for your policy manual writing can have a profound trickle down effect on your corporate culture, and employee engagement.

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