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Despite having an amazing idea for a new business, many people overlook the importance of good business plans. They often fail to get their company off the ground, or secure start-up capital, because they either do not take the time to create an effective, convincing business plan, or simply don't know how to go about it. This is especially important for startups.
At The Write Direction, our team of writers include commerce, finance, entrepreneurial, and marketing professionals with years of academic and professional experience working in a range of industries. They have worked on, and successfully executed, business plans for startups, entrepreneurs, themselves, their employers, and others. We know what it takes to create a successful strategy for making a new business a reality.
Our writing process for business plans is comprised of 7 Steps:

1. Executive Summary

This is perhaps the most often overlooked, but most important, element of a business plan. When you are selling your business idea to someone, they want to know what you hope to achieve with the plan. What are your goals and aspirations? Having that information buried somewhere in the middle of the document may make people think that you are not that heavily invested in your idea.

2. Description of Your Business

Next, we describe your industry. It’s important to go into detail about the present and future outlooks of that industry. This is also where the various markets are touched upon, as well as new research and development that will impact your business.

3. Marketing Strategy

Our writers have years of experience conducting marketing analysis, as well as studying and writing marketing casework. Convincing investors that you have a firm grasp of the market you are entering into, and showing them that you are prepared for its ups and downs, is essential to garner confidence in your idea.

4. Analysis of the Competition

The next part of your business plan will determine the overall strengths and weaknesses of your competition. It will lay out the strategies that you will pursue to mitigate and capitalize on both.

5. Design and Development Plan

A well constructed design and development plan aims to provide investors with a description of your product, its design, and forecast its development and budget.

6. Ops Management Plan

In this part of your business plan, we will tell investors how the business will be run on a day-to-day basis. The aim of this section is to delineate the various core responsibilities of management, the breakdown of tasks allocated to different operational divisions, and the amount of capital necessary to keep your business up and running.

7. Financial Factors

Financial data tends to make its appearance near the end of the business plan, but that in no way detracts from its importance. Our writers have experience working in finance, with financial designations and degrees from respected post-secondary institutions. They are familiar with accounting principles, the functioning of capital markets, and financial services. This allows them to intelligently speak to investors about financial matters. As well, it allows our team to produce the required financial statements for your business, so you can get the initial funding or loan you require.

The Write Direction Business Plan Services

Business plan prices are based on the number of hours required. All of our business plans are written by Canadian-educated professionals with multi-year Canadian business and banking experience and CFA designations. Our team also specializes in business funding and company valuation.
Don't let your business idea go to waste because you don't know how to communicate it properly. Get in touch with us today and let us help you make your amazing idea a reality.

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