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Business Plan Writing Services Designed For Growth

Build your business the right way with our custom business plan writing services. We give you the tools and resources you need to secure start-up capital, land investors, apply for grants, and grow to meet and exceed your goals.

Customized and Tailored to Your Business Goals

Your business is unique, and requires a strategic business plan catered to your specific goals, industry, and/or niche. We never work from templates or outsource any content – all of our business plans are customized specifically for you.

Written by Business Experts, Planners, and Owners

Our business plan writing services are provided by experienced, knowledgeable, and educated business professionals and owners who have crafted successful business plans for themselves, their employers, and a diverse range of clients in many industries.

Efficient Work Within a Quick Turnaround Time

All business plans are completed within 7 to 10 business days, allowing a quick and efficient turnaround time that allows us to provide you with a high-quality, professional business plan that will serve your needs in the long-term future.

Superior Customer Support and Professionalism

We pride ourselves on our superior customer service, with a friendly and supportive operations team that is available around the clock to answer your questions, provide you with updates, and ensure that all of your needs are met.

Compliant With all Canadian Business Standards

All of our business plans are written in compliance with and to meet the regulations of the Government of Canada, the Better Business Bureau, and Canadian marketplace standards. We also check any relevant regulations related to your goals.

Get Quality Content For Your Business

What’s Included?

Our business plan writing services provide top-notch, detailed business plans that can be completely customized and tailored to your business goals and needs. While we always incorporate your individualized needs, every business plan includes the 7 core elements required by most business associations and organizations.

The executive summary is included at the beginning of a business plan and acts as a synopsis of your business and the plan.
This section typically includes:
Your mission statement
A brief company description
Product or service offerings
Financial information
And growth projections
It should also include a brief summary of each of the main points in the other sections of your plan, serving as an overview.
Business man reading executive summary of business plan on laptop at desk
In this section, your business plan will include a description of your business in more detail than your executive summary.
Key points to discuss here will include elements such as:
Your company’s business structure
Whether you are a new company or a current one
The advantages you offer
What your target market will be
Your business objectives
Your market analysis describes the industry and market for your product or service. Here, you will identify the demand and need for your service or product, as well as an outlook on the industry and any growth forecasts for the sector.
Our business plan writing services also offer an optional competitive analysis that can be included here if you would like to add it to your package.
This section includes details on how you plan to market and sell your product to your future customers and what you will use to do so.
It will outline key information such as (but not limited to):

Your target market

Your sales platforms

Your pricing strategy

How you will position your product or service

What type of marketing channels you’ll use

Here, your business plan will include information on your team members, employee profiles, and management structure. It will also include details about your operations, such as your business hours, facilities you’ll use, and what IT systems you plan to implement.
Investors want to see that you have filled your team with knowledgeable, capable, and skilled people who will contribute to growth and success.
businessman discussing with business team ideas for startup
A key section for investors, loan applications, and fundraising, this section will include financial projections for the next 3 to 5 years.
Information supplied here will include:
Cash flow statements
How much money you plan to make
How much capital you’ll need
Profit and loss projections
And more
It should also include any risks you identify, industry benchmarks, and growth metrics from competitors in the industry.
In this section, you have the opportunity to include any other supporting documents you might need. This could include items such as an implementation plan with dates for when you will be meeting certain goals, any immigration documents you may need, pitch decks for investors, or licences and permits you’ve obtained.

Our business plan writing services go above and beyond just the basics. We also offer the following extras that can be added to any standard business plan package at an additional cost:

Competitive Analysis
SWOT Analysis
PESTEL Analysis
Value Chain Analysis
Master Budgets
Grant Application Letters
Pitch Decks

What Our Customers Say

This was my first time writing a business plan and I wasn’t confident in the process. I asked The Write Direction if they could help me with the financial portion. From beginning to end, the experience was seamless. They were quick to respond. They answered all of my questions with respect. I didn’t feel judged by my inexperience with writing business plans. And the best part, they sent me a completed financial plan in less than a week. Well worth the money. Thank you Kinny!
Elena M.

Business Plan Packages and Pricing

Our business plan writing services are available to suit your individual needs, and can be customized to your business goals, needs, and industry.

We currently offer the following packages:

For Investors

15-20 Double Spaced Paragraphs
Add-On Options Available

For Bank Loan Applications

15-20 Double Spaced Paragraphs
Add-On Options Available

Pitch Deck

15-20 Double Spaced Paragraphs
Add-On Options Available


15-20 Double Spaced Paragraphs
Add-On Options Available

All business plans start at $995 CAD.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I change my business model or idea after you create my business plan? Can I request changes or updates?
All business plan writing services and packages come with free revisions as per our Free Revisions Policy. If you change your mind about your goals or plans along the way, or even after we’ve finished your plan, you are always welcome to reach out to us and let us know. Our customer service team is available during operating hours to answer your questions and provide you with an update when needed.
Do you offer pre-made business plans or templates?
At The Write Direction, everything we do is customized for you and your business, so we don’t use templates or pre-made products. All business plans are created from scratch and written by our team of professional business people and writers specifically for your individual goals.
Who will be writing my business plan? Do they have experience in business planning?
We have a team of experienced writers who well versed across a variety of industries including business. For each project, we make sure to match the client with the writer who is most capable for their specific needs.
What is required for a business plan?
It’s our job to provide the business plan expertise to help your business, but we’ll need as much information as possible about your goals, ideas, and current plans. It is your idea, after all! If you aren’t sure about some of the details, we can work with what you give us, leaving room for you to add or change anything.
How long should it take to write a business plan? How soon can you have my business plan ready?
There’s no set timeline on how long it should take to write a business plan, and sometimes it can take a few months if you aren’t familiar with the concept or have never written one before and need to do the research from scratch. Our business plan writing services help you fast track the process, using our internal network of resources, expertise, and experience to deliver a high-quality business plan to you within 7 to 10 business days.

How it Works

How our business plan writing services work:

Step 1

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to submit a request.

Step 2

Our team will respond to your request and confirm the supporting details, as well as ask you more questions to get to know you and your business.

Step 3

Once confirmed, we will begin working on your business plan and contact you if we need any additional information along the way.

Step 4

While we create your business plan, we conduct thorough, original research to ensure we don’t miss a single detail.

Step 5

We deliver your customized business plan straight to your inbox within 7 to 10 business days.

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