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Welcome To The Write Direction

The Write Direction is a renowned company that provides business writing services, technical writing services, and professional writing services across North America. With its extensive network of skilled writers, industry experts, and academic professionals, The Write Direction is one of the most comprehensive and versatile providers of technical writing solutions in the industry.
The diverse educational and professional backgrounds of our writers are reflected in the quality of their writing and output produced for clients needing professional writing services to elevate their business.
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Our writers are able to create perfect solutions for our clients’ problems and projects because of our writers’ possession of a strong and articulate grasp of the English language and technical skills.
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Enhance your company’s business documentation with The Write Direction’s business writing services and let our writers elevate your in-house communications and help you achieve company-wide success.
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Get Quality Content For Your Business

Our Writers

The Write Direction has a diverse team of writers with a wide-range of academic and professional disciplines. Our intellectual capital allows us to have a competitive edge when it comes to our business writing services, technical writing services, and professional writing services.
Clients have a variety of options when it comes to customization, tone, and expertise when they avail any of our services. Our writers are some of the best in the business, and are able to help you upgrade your business communications, develop your content, and more. Let us create perfect solutions for your custom projects. Get in touch with us now, and we will get started!

Our Writers' Proficiencies

Microsoft SharePoint Administrator
Adobe Communications and Creative Suites
Adobe Design and Web Premium
CVS Version Control
Microsoft Office
Gadwin PrintScreen

How It Works

Elevating your business with The Write Direction is achievable in just 5 easy steps!

Once you figure out what specific service you need, simply fill out the contact form on our website and submit a request. The second step will be to patiently await for our operations team to respond to your request and confirm your request. Our team will ask for supporting details and ask questions about your business to get a better grasp of your needs. Once your order is confirmed, the third step will begin on our end. A top Writer of the Write Direction team will be tasked with your project and begin right away. During this process, you might be asked for further information to ensure that we are going in the right direction. The fourth step is for your assigned writer to conduct thorough research to create original content and to ensure that no detail is missed. The last and final step is for the client to receive their order.

Clients may specify certain parts of their order that need editing or revisions free of charge the first time! This is done via our Free Revisions Policy

Step 1

Fill out our contact form and submit a request for your chosen service with The Write Direction.

Step 2

You will receive a response from our team and you will be asked for further details about your business and the specific service you require.

Step 3

Once all the details are confirmed, a Write Direction writer will be assigned to your project and they will get started right away!

Step 4

Your assigned writer will conduct thorough research and ask for your input along the way to make sure that we are on the same page.

Step 5

You will receive your final and completed order and get to take advantage of our free revision policy on the first round of editing.

See Our Sample Work

Take a quick look at examples of the work we have done for clients in the past.
We used The Write Direction to get our systems, policies, and manuals in the right direction. They were able to take all our documents, decipher through them, and create one Standard Operating Procedure for our company. The turnaround was quick and they were very responsive to any feedback given.
Shanel Gray
This was my first time writing a business plan and I wasn’t confident in the process. I asked The Write Direction if they could help me with the financial portion. From beginning to end, the experience was seamless. They were quick to respond. They answered all of my questions with respect. I didn’t feel judged by my inexperience with writing business plans. And the best part, they sent me a completed financial plan in less than a week. Well worth the money. Thank you Kinny!
Elena Merenda

Frequently Asked Questions

The Write Direction prides itself on being the best in technical writing services. With our team’s technical writing expertise, we are able to make “complex” more simple. The Write Direction not only practices writing for professional purposes but we also cater to corporate projects and proposals.

The team of expert writers from The Write Direction come from all around the world and they collectively possess impressive academic attainments. The Write Direction writers are well-versed with a wide range of industry expertise and have years of technical writing experience.

Our company has a whole spectrum of technical communications composed of technical editors, graphic designers, document specialists, and illustrators. Our team often collaborates to produce only the best technical documents for our clients.

Technical documents you can avail from The Write Direction are:

Policy Documents
Product Packaging
Reference Guides
Process Flows
Knowledge-Based Articles

Note: You can also find more technical writing services offered by The Write Direction if you hover over the “List of Services” found on our homepage. The services are:

The Write Direction offers both Business Plan Writing and Business Documentation Services. Business documentation, both internal and external, are important for operations. Communication from the business to employees, clients, investors, and stakeholders has an immeasurable impact. The Write Direction can help uphold professionalism in your business practice by elevating documentation and communications for even the simplest memo has the potential to make or break your business.

Business Plan Writing

The Write Direction’s Business Plan Writing services can be tailored to suit your individual needs or customized according to your business’s goals, needs, and even industry standards. These services include packages for:

Bank Loan Applications
Pitch Decks

Business Documentation Planning

The Write Direction’s writers know the ins and outs of effective business writing and documentation given their years of experience in the business world.

The outputs you can avail of are:

Professional writing is what The Write Direction promises to its clients. Our writers have been helping businesses across North America by providing them with their professional writing needs. The Write Direction is able to develop and improve businesses’ online and offline presence by improving their written content.

The professional writing services you can avail of are:

The Write Direction provides professional business custom writing services which are tailored writing solutions for individuals, businesses, and organizations. We specialize in services that create high-quality and unique content like business plans, marketing materials, reports, proposals, and other written documents that can be requested by clients.

Once a potential client decides on a service they want to avail from The Write Direction, they can simply send an email to [email protected] with their requirements and specifications for the project. Once The Write Direction receives the order, our operations team will reach out with a confirmation and assign a qualified writer who is experienced in the client’s field of business. The assigned writer will work on their specific requests by conducting research, developing the content, and raising any other clarifications/questions to ensure we are meeting the client’s requirements. After submitting the completed document, for any feedback/revision requests, the client should send an email with the detailed comments and we can make the required revisions in accordance with our Free Revisions Policy.

The Write Direction’s team is composed of highly qualified and professional writers who have received their education from renowned institutions in Europe and North America. Our writers have proven their self-motivation and decisive qualities through their long-standing relationship with The Write Direction and its clients. Our team of writers is the most capable when it comes to providing high-quality outputs with short turnaround time while upholding the most precise quality standards for technical content. Any assigned writer to our clients can expect tailored business writing that is concise and clear whether it’s user manuals and quick reference cards or APIs and ESDKs.

At The Write Direction, we value our client’s private information and have never breached our promise of confidentiality. Our writers’ first priority is to uphold client privacy on top of maintaining not only The Write Directions’ integrity but also its clients’. Any sensitive information shared by clients to The Write Direction is considered sensitive information and will never be compromised. The Write Direction move with discretion and are conscious of the nature of their job. The Write Direction exists to provide professional and technical writing solutions which entail rewriting existing content and incorporating new materials and ideas throughout the duration of each project. The team will always follow through with the client’s vision and will do their best to bring that to life.

Yes! In fact, all writing services and packages are eligible for free revisions as per our Free Revisions Policy. Clients have leeway to change their minds even when their assigned writer has started or completed the project. We encourage clients to reach out and let us know once their goals have changed either during the process of our writers completing their requests or after. The Write Direction’s customer service team is available during operating hours to answer client questions and provide them with updates once available.

Our team of professional writers always upholds the value of taking plagiarism seriously. The Write Direction never recycles content from other businesses and upholds the level of professionalism we aim to provide through our technical writing outputs. All orders from The Write Direction are thoroughly proofread and cross-checked with plagiarism-detection software via a secure website. Every order is custom-written depending on the client’s requirements and writers conduct research to provide accurate information and create original content.

Because each client and order is tailored and custom-written, turnaround time varies depending on the complexity and length of the project. Clients are encouraged to communicate their desired deadline when they place their order so we can accommodate their request or respond with a more realistic timeline.

The Write Direction accepts payment via PayPal for international orders while local client orders from Canada can opt to pay using Interac E-Transfer.

The Write Direction’s wide range of services from professional to business custom writing are not just to cater to large or professional businesses. Our clients include individuals, small businesses, startups, and large corporations. The Write Direction assists with personal projects, business proposals for companies, or marketing materials for large corporations. Any of The Write Direction’s offered services can be tailored depending on the client’s specific needs and budgets.

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