Software Specifications

Software specifications, or Software Requirements Specifications, are the descriptions of the software system being developed. It is an important piece of documentation that lays out the requirements of the software, both the functional and non-functional ones. It will also typically include a set of “use-cases” which delineate the specific user interactions which the software in question aims to provide. At The Write Direction, our team includes writers with academic and professional experience in software development.

The Importance of Writing Software Specifications

Your company's software specifications are an important component of the basis for your agreement between your customers, your contractors, and/or suppliers on what the software in question is designed to do, as well as what it is not designed to do. They are essential for:
  • Providing in-depth and critical assessments of the software requirements
  • A prerequisite for the design phase of the project
  • An important step a business must take in order to mitigate the necessity or potential for costly redesign and rework
Having an experienced technical writer handling your software specifications documentation provides you with an opportunity to:
  • Capitalize on their superior communication skills
  • Leverage them to make sure that all of the necessary information and requirements have been thoroughly explored, analyzed, and laid out before a project begins
  • Gain the best foresight possible to stay on track, on budget and on schedule.

How Our Writers Can Help

Our writers will work with your development team to ensure that the finished product is something that is informative and usable. By utilizing our technical writing skills and allowing us to be in communication with the development team, you can increase your chances of turning in documentation which does a better job of: facilitating reviews, describing the scope of the work, providing valuable references to software engineers, and providing a framework for testing both primary and secondary use cases, which allows for constant refinement and perfection.
At The Write Direction, our writers are not just excellent written communicators, they have the background knowledge and experience to provide your business with truly useful employees that are able to better understand your business and its communication requirements. They know who they are writing for and to, and they will be able to eliminate confusion and re-work throughout the documentation of accurate software specifications.

Contact The Write Direction For Help With Your Software Specifications Project

If you are currently debating outsourcing your software specifications work to an experienced technical writing company, contact The Write Direction and let us show you why it pays to go with a writer who knows your product, knows your industry, and knows how to communicate with your employees.

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