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Technical Specifications To Make Product Launches Easier

Technical Specifications are a detailed and comprehensive description of a product’s development and are documented for consumers to be guided on how the product works, how it should be assembled, and how it was developed. It’s important to provide consumers with technical specifications and is equally important for the product developers as it often contains information like design specifications, testing criteria, and other functionalities of a product or project.

Expertise Across Industries

The Write Direction takes pride in our expertise covering multiple domains – including software, machinery, electronics, or construction. With our technical specification services, your projects will benefit from industry-specific insights that meet accuracy and relevance every time.

Clarity in Complex Details

Complex projects require clear specifications and in The Write Direction, be assured of achieving clarity without sacrificing precision. Our documents transform technical intricacies into comprehensible language making sure content is understood by the general audience.

Tailored To Your Needs

Each project is unique and we make sure we produce only original and authentic content tailored to your requirements. By understanding your project’s nuances, objectives, and stakeholders, we create technical specifications that align perfectly with your vision and goals.

Stringent Quality Assurance

Every document undergoes strict quality checks before being released. As we value accuracy, coherence, and detail in every project, we have to make sure that the technical specifications not only meet industry standards but exceed your expectations.

Collaboration Matters!

Our whole process involves collaboration. When we take over your project, we take care of the technical writing while working closely with your team to capture every nuance and detail that will make your document unique.

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Your technical specifications documents are an important part of your product development. They define the list of requirements that the product, or the assembly of that product, must minimally meet, or exceed, in order for it to be brought to market and placed into the hands of your end user. If your product doesn’t meet the technical specifications, you won’t be able to sell it. An “out of spec” product is one that you have spent time and money producing, but which can't be sold. If it does end up being sold, it could cost you money in refunds, returns, and even lawsuits.
Technical specifications are typically divided into two categories: open and closed.

Closed Technical Specifications

Closed specification is much more cut and dry. Closed specifications describe both the required performance of the end product, as well as the methods and materials of assembly. They must be followed specifically in order for the product to be sellable.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

Writing technical specification documents is one area of your business' communication where you cannot afford to make mistakes. It requires:
  • Short, direct sentences which concisely and accurately convey information.
  • The elimination of any ambiguities.
  • An effort to define and highlight industry jargon and abbreviations.
  • A catalogue or a legend at the beginning of the documentation where the reader can reference the technical, or jargon words that appear throughout.
All of the above elements are key for eliminating confusion and ensuring that your product or service is created to specifications and is ready for market.

The Write Direction Will Do The Technical Writing For You

At The Write Direction, our writers are experts at creating functional, readable, and unambiguous technical specification documentation. We write with the goal of eliminating any misunderstandings, so your business is fully protected. Our team is able to provide your technical documents with a level of clarity and accuracy that will help you streamline your operations and cut out inefficiencies that arise from faulty or out of spec products. Clear and concise communication is what we do. Regardless of the industry, we have writers on staff who are able to learn your business, understand the essential components of your product and its assembly, and translate that into easy to use technical documentation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What industries do you cover in your Technical Specifications service?
We cover a broad range of industries including software, construction, electronics, machinery, and more. Contact us and specify the industry, and we will source a qualified expert for your project.
Can we request revisions?
Absolutely! We are open to feedback and offer a Free Revision Policy to make sure we match your vision. If there are any changes or refinements needed, we're here to help.
How long does it typically take to draft technical specifications?
The timeline varies based on the client’s requirements and the project's complexity. However, be assured that we always prioritize punctuality and we can set a mutually agreeable deadline.
Do you offer bulk or long-term engagement discounts?
Yes, for clients looking for long-term engagements or multiple documents, we offer special pricing. Please reach out for more details and our team will be happy to assist.
Are the technical specifications compliant with industry standards?
Yes, we ensure all documents are compliant with industry standards, best practices, and any specific regulations you might need adherence to.

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