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At The Write Direction, our team includes technical writers who can produce accurate programmer guides for all industry levels. Our team includes API writers who specialize in writing documents which accurately and articulately describe Application Programming Interfaces. Our writers have experience communicating with programmers, developers, system architects, and system designers on a sophisticated level. We speak the same language as they do, but we can write it in a way that communicates with your business’ target audience. Our technical writers are able to bring an element of linguistic flair and knowledge to any documents which deal with sensitive and highly technical programming information.

What a Technical Writer Can Do For You

When you hire The Write Direction for your programming guides and content, you are getting:
  • A technical writer who understands and has a background in computer programming, including knowledge of C, C++, Java, PHP, Assembly and other common programming languages.
  • A writer with knowledge of formatting standards, including Doxygen, Javadoc and DITA, and editing tools, such as FrameMaker.
  • The lexicon and educational experience to be able to confidently and intelligently communicate with other programmers.
In an area as technically specific and insular as programming, it pays to have a writer with not only superior written communication skills, but relevant industry and technical knowledge to complement them.

The Benefits of an Experienced Writer

Writing guides for programmers consists mainly of analyzing and understanding the source code so that documents can be properly planned and laid out. Our competitive edge comes from having writers who are not only excellent writers and communicators, but who are intimately familiar with programming and speaking directly to programmers.
Being able to converse and interact on a professional level with developers and programmers is where many technical writing services start to lack experience. That is why we are so pleased to be able to offer our clients with writers who can do both. Having end-user product documentation that is not only easy to read, but presents accurate, useful information is the key to producing a successful programmer guide.

Hire a Programmer Guide Writer at The Write Direction

The Write Direction is not just any technical writing service. It brings together technical writers and copy editors from all over the world who have a wide range of academic and professional experience in the industries where we provide our services. By giving our clients a range of industry professionals with strong communication skills to work with, we aim to deliver content that is not only more compelling, but more relatable to your end user.
Get in touch with The Write Direction today and discuss how our technical writing services can help make your programming manuals more accurate and easier to read.

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