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"There’s not a lot worse than when your TV suddenly stops working. It can be exhausting trying to figure out what’s wrong, especially when you’re not an expert. When unplugging it and plugging it back in doesn’t work, call an expert TV repair professional to step in and take over the hard work. Forget about lugging your broken TV down to a shop that has limited hours and can’t work with your schedule. That’s just too much work, and it can be hard to take that much time out of your day only to be unsure of when your TV will actually be ready."


A long-standing TV repair company in over 18 locations across the GTA, Action TV Repairs needed a comprehensive and robust website content refresh. The Write Direction was ready to handle the job, creating a variety of specially crafted pages to cater to every single location, type of TV, and brand. For this project, we needed to be able to adapt a technical focus while appealing to a broad customer base, all while telling a compelling story for our valued client. Our hard work paid off when the finished result was a showcase displaying the company's technical expertise, wide range of services, and adaptability to meet customer needs.

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