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"Andrew’s mission is to provide his clients with the mental strength, endurance and technical knowledge necessary to achieve the superior and long-term sustainable results that he has first had experience with. Client testimonials speak to Andrew’s dedication, his compassion and understanding with all training competencies and above all, his desire to make boxing and boxing as exercise, fun."


Boxing is an action-packed sport, and for Kooner's Boxing, we put all of that energy into crafting a remarkable online presence through the written word. To showcase former Olympian Andrew Kooner's unparalleled dedication to helping his clients improve their physical fitness and boxing skills, we jumped in to communicate a brand message that fits right in with his values. The result is a website that truly packs a punch, with a powerful story about his background and clear communication about his services and skills. Ultimately, we were able to work within his tone and narrative to create custom-tailored website content that would help him reach more clients in and around the GTA. His website speaks for itself.

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