The Fade Master Academy

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"Make the change you want for your future! This Academy has created a strategic training system to simplify the intricate art of barbering by educating and giving you the best digital and hands-on training foundation and experience ever. Toronto Fade Master Academy has created training programs that will introduce you to today’s dynamic and competitive barbershop industry by giving you additional skills that are not taught in hairstyling school."


The Toronto Fade Master Academy is a unique, sophisticated training program for people who want to learn the right skills and techniques for barbering. This was an exciting project for us, because it provided us with an opportunity to flex our creative copywriting skills in a specialized niche. As a company that strives to teach refined and precise skills to its clients, the Toronto Fade Master Academy needed website content that would really set them apart. We created cutting edge copy that reflects exactly who this company is and why they are the best of the best in their industry.

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