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"Miami Fades is a place where all racial groups and religions have equal opportunities to become leaders. An empire was built nationwide of different entities so far claiming six locations in the Ontario Province and still many more regions to proclaim. We’ve created an organization from breaking old rules and old records, re-creating an experience for society in which allows us unprecedented freedom to express ourselves and do something to contribute to changing the world for the better. We see no other group that can compare or can achieve our accomplishments. The MIAMI FADES Mystique."


Toronto's leading barbershop needed website copy that was equally on par with Miami Fades' stellar reputation. At the Write Direction, we stepped in and developed website content that showcased the diverse and community-driven message this barbershop is all about. For this exceptional and multi-location client, regular old content just wouldn't be good enough to express the unique heritage here. We took an honest, open, and innovative approach, and set out to demonstrate the clear message of equality and dedication to challenging the norm. Our work resulted in a website that reflects the true nature of these talented, and passionate hair geniuses.

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